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Bosnia Daily and B&H Business Daily are daily electronic newspapers in English,
targeting foreigners living and working in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Both newspapers are published
during workdays (Monday through Friday) and are being distributed via email to subscribers only.


Bosnia Daily is being published since April 2001 and brings daily news, comments, analyzes, and interviews about political, social, economic, and cultural events in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Except foreigners and foreign organizations that work in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia Daily subscribers also include many organizations in Europe and North America.

Monthly subscription rate is 85 EUR.


B&H Business Daily is our
new publication which gives
you insight to latest events
in business and economy in BiH,
along with latest trends, interviews, analysis, burse reports and currency lists. B&H Business Daily also monitors all strategic events regarding business and economy of neighboring countries and region.

Monthly subscription rate is 65 EUR.


In the previews you can find one edition of each of newspapers.
If you are seriously interested to subscribe to our papers, please send us an email.

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